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This year (2020) Radio Ramadhan will try and broadcast in a new way. We aim to bring entertaining shows and Islamic content not just to a local community but WORLDWIDE to whoever has access to the internet. <<CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION>>

We will also strive to get people involved who are from under privileged backgrounds and who have a desire to work within the media industry but simply cannot afford to invest in the equipment needed. Radio Ramadhan will be providing training and support to these particular people all over the world, providing a means of income & support for their families.

Funds raised will be used to buy & maintain equipment, pay and help set-up presenters who cannot afford to buy technical equipment, and also support local charities.

Funds will be needed immediately as the name would suggest Radio Ramadhan broadcasts live throughout the holy month of Ramadhan in the Muslim calendar.

This will mean everything for us at Radio Ramadhan as not only are we bringing Islamic entertainment to the world but also helping under privileged people and communities all over the world to support themselves.



14 thoughts on “Go Fund Me”

  1. wow, such an amazing concept, with the introduction of radio Ramadhan the world can easily access the teachings and prayers during the Ramadan,especially teachings and prayers from Mecca.The least average Muslim will have access to it because the cost of buying a radio is reasonably cheap and most phones radio is imbedded in them. It’s indeed a welcome initiative  and a win win for all.

    1. Hi, thank you for your kind message. We also have an upcoming app in the works, which again would make the accessibility of the radio much easier! 

  2. It is a very positive idea; your efforts would bring to a worldwide audience the richness of Islamic cultures.   In a world that is at times dominated by only just one or two perspectives, people forget that this is an amazing global community that we live in.   You mentioned helping unprivileged communities.  Will that be done only through charities or do you have some other ways that you plan to help?

    1. Hi Steve…Love the comment. you mentioned helping under privileged communities, we are already undertaking a few projects and the first being purchasing a laptop and equipment for a single mother in Pakistan who wants to work and provide for her young children. Hopefully we get her set-up in-time before we go live as she is a natural when it comes to hosting a radio show. We are trying to get our go fund me page up and running but it is proving a challenge so far. Many thanks Steve 

  3. This is a good concept and the website / this page should help to get the word out to find supporters and donations for the cause. What are the major deadlines that you are trying to meet with your fundraising goals for 2020? 

    Connection is very important and especially this year as we’re all being challenged with restrictions to stay home. This program should bring a real sense of community to a lot of people during this time. 

    Excellent work.

    1. Hi Aly … thankyou for the kind words. Our first deadline is upon us now as the Islamic month of Ramadhan is starting in a few days when people fast for a whole month. You are right about the present situation with almost the entire world on lockdown so we are hoping the station brings people together. Thanks once again

  4. Starting a Go Fund Me page for Radio Ramadhan sounds like an excellent idea. I like how it broadcasts not just to a specific community and is open to everyone throughout the world. Especially in these uncertain and difficult times people need positive and uplifting messages. Ramadan can be tiresome due to the fact the nutritional intake is lesser, so a positive connection is excellent. I know some people who would probably like to donate and I’ll be passing along your post to them, well done and best luck with it!

    1. hi and thank you for taking the time to comment. This has always been my aim to broadcast not just to a small community but to everyone all over the world. I myself will be hosting a show in English for all to enjoy. We are finding the fundraising a bit difficult at the moment but we will continue anyway. Thanks for passing on the post it’s really appreciated.

  5. this is a nice topic and i am impressed with the templates of your website. it is a good thing that there will be broadcast. this will help some of us that will be at home and will want to partake of the celebration online. thank you very much for making out time to create this post.

  6. Such an informative article on radioramahdhan.

    Its really a nice approach and an amazing way of easily spreading the teachings and prayers during the Ramadan, it’s an opportunity for all especially for the least average Muslims to have access to the teaching and prayers. It’s indeed a welcome initiative and a win for all. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  7. It is really sad that the covid 19 pandemic that is on the rise has affected the movement of individuals worldwide and if not resolved in time, might affect the celebration of ramadan. the plans that are already made on groung to broadcast through the internet is an awesome plan. thank you very much.

  8. This is a really good idea that you guys have here. I really like what you guys are doing and the concept behind this project. With this fund me initiative you guys should be able to raise some funds that should be of help to your project. Making use of the internet is a sure way to make this happen. You guys are on the right track and I wish you all a success in what you are trying to achieve here.

  9. Ma sha Allah, so beautiful voice 😍 ❤️ subhan Allah beshak ❤️ I love it please thank you so much for inviting me anjum I love your voice jazak Allah o khair ❤️ 👌

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